Well-hung, handicap or blessing

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Well-hung, handicap or blessing, handicap or blessing, Well-hung, Well-hung, handicap or blessing

well-hungGuys with a big penis are often admired, viewed with envy and even congratulated. It is something to be admired, right? Being well endowed is what most guy wish for, a view we are led to believe that many women share. However, having a huge member isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when looked at from the female perspective. Here’s what a high percentage of women think about a big penis.

It is generally thought that having a big penis, 8 inches and above can come in handy during intercourse because it can reach and stimulate the g-spot. However, that dynamic little bud can comfortably be reached by most guys fingers so the average male with his 5.5-to-6-inch cock can do the same as the G spot lies comfortably within reach.

So, is having sex with a guy with a huge member the dream of the average woman? Nope, it can cause a woman pain during and after intercourse and may even cause her to bleed. Special care must be taken when having sex with a guy who has a big penis, so as not avoid cause her pain or discomfort. Although the vagina was designed to stretch for the purpose of childbirth it has accommodated a wide variety of things in search of sexual satisfaction. So, it’s most definitely not impossible for a woman to have sex with a very well-endowed guy. But if it’s going to be any good, he needs to keep these things in mind:

Using lube will help ease him into her vagina more comfortably than without it. Don’t assume that you’ve turned her on enough that she’s so wet she doesn’t need any lube. Use it, you want her comfortable and able to submit willing. Be patient go slowly, give her time to stretch and accommodate your large penis. It’s not going to happen right away. Foreplay is essential, good oral sex will not just excite her, but it will add more lubrication and get her really aroused. Why should you care? When a woman is aroused enough, the vagina can almost double in length, making her more ready to accept your full penetration.

Talking of oral sex that’s yet another challenge for the woman and frustration for the guy. Giving a guy who has a big cock oral sex can be tough, especially if she’s not skilled at it. She might not know what to do with it since it’s so large, because she probably won’t be able to fit it all in her mouth, unless you’re with an escort, working girl. It’s unlikely she’s going to be able to deep throat it either. Let her secure control by using her hand (hands) around the base of your penis, whilst paying attention with her mouth and lips on the head and mid-shaft. Licking and sucking from the sides This is usually the best way for both of you, her and you to enjoy oral sex if you’re truly well endowed.

As can be seen its not all fun and laughter for the well-hung guys, and anal sex can often not even be on the menu at all, if you have large penis. Anal sex is going to be something you may want to try with a professional to start with. In truth if you have a big cock most females are going to be terrified at the idea of it going up her bum, for many women even fingers may hurt when they go up there. If you really want to engage in anal play with her, start with normal sized sex toys that are specifically made for anal sex, then work up from there.