Well-hung, handicap or blessing by Devil's Den

Well-hung, handicap or blessing, handicap or blessing, Well-hung, Well-hung, handicap or blessing

well-hungGuys with a big penis are often admired, viewed with envy and even congratulated. It is something to be admired, right? Being well endowed is what most guy wish for, a view we are led to believe that many women share. However, having a huge member isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when looked at from the female perspective. Here’s what a high percentage of women think about a big penis.

It is generally thought that having a big penis, 8 inches and above can come in handy during intercourse because it can reach and stimulate the g-spot. However, that dynamic little bud can comfortably be reached by most guys fingers so the average male with his 5.5-to-6-inch cock can do the same as the G spot lies comfortably within reach.

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