Thailand! Where The Girls And Ladyboys Are by Devil's Den

Pattaya City - Thailand! Where The Girls And Ladyboys Are

Thailand! Where The Girls And Ladyboys Are.

If you are coming to Thailand as a sex tourist, why restrict yourself to Bangkok escorts or those working in Bangkok? Thailand is renowned for its adult entertainment; the abundance of escorts, freelancers, Soapies, Gogo’s, and gentlemen’s clubs can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. However, one can become slightly jaded frequenting just the adult entertainment thereabouts after several visits, so where to go?

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Kathoeys Pattaya Thailand by Devil's Den

Kathoeys Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya ladyboys constitute possibly the highest density of Kathoeys in Thailand. Their numbers and the huge variety of tourist attracted to this ever-evolving sea-side resort speaks to this.

Just as thousands of young women are attracted to Pattaya, feeding the demand for young girls for the sex trade. So it is for ladyboys, flocking to Pattaya from throughout the country. At one time Bangkok was seen as the Ladyboys main area for transvestites, that is now changing. Thailand’s third gender, Kathoeys can be found throughout Pattaya, from high end establishments such as the outstanding and world-famous Alcazar Cabaret, right down to beach road.

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The Cost of adult Sex workers Pattaya by Devil's Den


How long is a piece of string, the cost of finding your sexual pleasure and/or indulging in your fantasies will vary enormously and will also reflect on one’s disposable income.

So let’s start with the average prices you will be faced with as a normal tourist in the adult playground known as Pattaya. The prices are based on pre-covid charges with the suspected increase as landlords and business owners attempt to recoup their substantial losses incurred over that period. The increase in rents and  “insurance” can already be seen in the new prices structures.

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