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Devil’s Den Ladyboy Escorts Pattaya is the latest adult offering from the world-renowned Devil’s Den Thailand. Known for their high standards and transparency concerning provider health checks as well as a 12-year track record of integrity and honesty, Devil’s Den now offers Outcall for Ladyboy Escorts. In these changing and demanding times there are those that prefer the discretion of receiving service in the privacy of their own, be it temporary accommodation, Devil’s Den Ladyboy Escorts is the new premium escort service designed to fully meet this demand.

Devils Den Guarantee  

  1. That all Escorts will have undergone regular blood tests for HIV and all other STD’s by reputable international laboratory and the current results published in their profile.
  2. That all pictures are a true current representation of the Ladyboy Escorts concerned and taken within the last 6 months.
  3. That the services offered by individual Escorts are those that will be supplied if so desired.
  4. That all are young, beautiful Ladyboys, dedicated to bringing you utmost satisfaction
  5. Kathoeys, skilled with positive attitude and empathy to ensure your fantasies are fulfilled


Devil’s Den Ladyboy Escorts Where Fantasies Become Reality


—— Certior ——

What is a ladyboy, known in some parts of the world as Kathoeys or Transgender. Ladyboys are men who often from birth identify as females and elect from an early age to adopt a feminine appearance and posture. Whilst many such men are frowned upon in western cultures in Thailand, they are not merely accepted by their families from childhood but are in many cases respected by society generally.

Whereas some ladyboys gain their pleasure and identity from dressing as the opposite sex and are generally known as transvestites. Other’s dress and identify as members of the opposite sex full time, whilst they are transitioning to being female. They are so accepted in Thailand that they can gain employment as service ladies in large shopping malls, restaurants etc… continue reading

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