Devil’s Den Erotic Nuru Massage Pattaya.

Devil’s Den Erotic Nuru massage is a style of massage that originated in Japan. It is a sensual massage between consenting adults using full body contact to relax the body and mind. Thereby allowing them to stimulate each other to an exceptional level of eroticism. The massage is done with both partners fully nude, using a thick, ultra-slippery massage gel. This gel is derived from Nori seaweed, which in itself is tasteless, odorless, colorless, edible and does not stain.

Erotic Nuru massage is for those that wish to expand their sexual horizons. An experience which will leave you feeling more sexually enlightened and uncensored than ever before. When shared with a skilled practitioner you will reach a level of eroticism rarely if ever reached before.

Nuru massage will help you unlock any sexual inhibitions you might have. Freeing both your mind and body and so allowing you achieve physical fulfillment at a highly increased intensity.

Nori Gel allows the merest touch to expand into the most erotic feelings, the experience is nothing short of sensational. Your own experience will be limited only by any inhibitions you hold onto. So come with an open mind and a willingness to surrender yourself completely to the Devils Den erotic Nuru massage.

Here in the Den we use only the purest genuine Nori Gel. None of the cheaper copy products, which can often contain additives that may be undesirable. Nor do we restrict the amount of the gel to a mere 8oz. Our lovely skilled Nuru masseuse use the amount they require, subject to how they assess each individual’s requirements.

Be it a once in a lifetime, or a regular erotic indulgence you owe it to yourself to try the Devils Den Erotic Nuru massage.

  • Pattaya Escorts  who are Specialist trained full service masseuses
  • Beautiful purpose built air-conditioned accommodation with multiple shower
Nuru Massage Single Masseuse Two Masseuses
90 Minutes TBA ฿ TBA ฿
2 Hours TBA ฿ TBA ฿

(All prices are quoted in Thai Baht.)

Opening hours to be advised nearer to our reopening.