Guide When Taking Your Escort To Ko Chang

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Guide When Taking Your Escort To Ko Chang, ko chang, Guide When Taking Your Escort To Ko Chang

Maybe you want somewhere to visit away from Pattaya for a few days with your escort from Devils Den, if so, visiting Ko Chang should be top of your list. Just think of eating your favorite cuisines at antique-looking restaurants, dipping your flip-flop feet into the warm beach sands, or mixing with fellow travelers; there’s a lot to make a visit to this island a memorable, filled with pleasant eidetic memories.

If you love nature, especially animals, Ko Chang will surely give you a grand treat. It is home to populations like the small Asian mongoose, the stump-tailed macaque, and a wealthy range of bird species. Indeed, there is so much to do in Ko Chang, Thailand that a few days visit will do no justice to the wonders this archipelago of islands has on offer. This article will be taking you through a list of unmissable things that can help you make the most of a few days’ visit.

Go for a hike

Hiking is one of the most fun things to do in Ko Chang. There are a host of hiking trails in the Elephant Island. While some of them need multi-day treks, some others only require half-day treks. These treks could lead you through lush jungles with amazing crawlers to beautiful waterfalls. Though the island can be hot, the heat would be appealing if you come from a temperate climate.

Stay in a fabulous resort

One of the best ways to catch a feel of the atmosphere in Ko Chang is to spend some time at a choice resort. There are several of these in Ko Chang, each suited and furnished to satisfy your pockets, lean or large. For extra comfort, we recommend spending some time at one of the sear view resorts on the island.

Most of them are surrounded by beautiful, thick, and lush gardens, pruned to perfection. The rooms are very spacious, cozy, and fully functional air conditioning and heating systems. They are surrounded by state-of-the-art restaurants and have an open view to the sea.


You can take in much of the sea’s atmosphere by going kayaking. There are a lot of places on the island where you can rent a kayak to begin your adventure. You also join kayaking groups on the journey to any of the neighboring islands. A good place to start your dream adventure is Kayaking Chang Day Tours. They have first-class facilities and very comfy accommodation options.

Feed on some choice meals

Thailand might be well-known for their rice, but they have more on offer for tourists and visitors. Thai food is so good that it would give international dishes a run for its money. You would be doing yourself a lot of good, feeding on local dishes rather than pizzas or steak.

Do you want seafood? Visit Bang Bao. Want local fast food? Why not try out green chilies and pea aubergines at Tesco Lotus located on several beaches.

Final Take

Thailand is a beautiful place to visit, and Ko Chang, deserving of a place on your bucket list. The choice food, cozy resorts, colorful culture of its people, and its lush jungles make it a must-visit if you are paying a visit to Thailand. Oh and don’t forget the amazing Elephant Ride Tours!