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It is 6 pm You have landed at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, negotiated immigration, secured your luggage. Now having passed through customs and at Gate 3 your Taxi is waiting for you, 1 hour thirty minutes later you are booked into your Pattaya hotel and you are hungry. Where to eat is the question uppermost in your mind.

Fortunately, you can find just about every type of cuisine you can dream of in Pattaya, here we are going to cover just a few of those:


Indian By Nature

There are a multitude of Indian restaurants covering every region, including many vegetarian and even vegan ones. Some would say that Indian by Nature sits at the pinnacle of these restaurants. Superb ambience supported by well trained staff, they have an excellent selection of wines and spirits. Along with professional chefs producing and presenting authentic Indian Cuisine of the highest standard

Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant 

One of Pattaya’s oldest and most renowned Indian restaurants. Being located very centrally it is popular and a relaxed place to visit. It has an extensive menu, including many favorite dishes enjoyed by westerners.


Ruenthai Restaurant Pattaya

Pattaya is renowned for its authentic traditional Thai cuisine and you are able to sample these culinary delights everywhere, from open stalls on street corners where you may secure a truly fresh, tasty and well cooked meal for as little as a few Thai Baht, to such amazing restaurants as Ruenthai Restaurant Pattaya. Located in the center of Pattaya and where booking in advance is essential to secure an excellent located table. Better still would be to stop by earlier in the day and select your table. The reason is to be well situated so as to get a clear view of the Thai Tradition Dancing along with other shows and demonstrations.

Italian Food

Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana Pattaya

It is difficult to beat the superb Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana Pattaya. Luca the owner has built a farm locally especially to supply much of the organic produce both vegetable and meat he uses in his restaurant. The food is excellent, and the extensive wine collection meets the most discerning tastes




Fine Dining

Cafe des Amis

For those seeking truly fine dining, fear not your needs are royally catered for. Let us start with one of the foremost restaurants not just in Pattaya but Thailand Cafe des Amis. There are just too many superlatives for us to do justice to this exceptional Restaurant. Reservations are normally required but it is always worth calling. It is also worth mentioning that apart from their extensive wine and liquor bar they also have 170 boutique Gins + and Mein Host is a Gin sommelier. With some of the best trained and most skilled staff it is easy to become addicted to this fine restaurant.

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Staying with fine dining… Au bon Coin French Restaurant

we have to mention Au bon coin French Restaurant a true must for any visitor enjoying French cuisine. A superb restaurant with delightful ambiance and a little eccentricity thrown in by the Main Host. You can but feel comfortable in this typically French bistro style that so many try to copy. Coupled with all that the food is divine.

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Finally, Alter Ego

We cannot mention fine dining without also referring to Alter Ego, a small intimate Restaurant renowned for its high cuisine. Open from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive each week, with a menu that also changes weekly. It is essential to make a reservation at this exclusive bistro whose Menu reads like poetry and the food is equally pleasing to the palate. As opposed to showing picture I will post a sample menu:

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