Talk about a heat-seeking missile, this fiery pocket rocket may seem lost at first but once she gets locked in nothing is going to keep her off her target until you drop the payload! Gwen has limited English skills but it might not matter because when she gets the cross-hairs on your heat source there may not be much time or need for words. And the only thing she wants after the splatter is for her target to reload and relaunch. Here comes the Boom!

English – Basic    Height – 160 cm    Weight – 48 kg    Shoe Size – 37 eu

Special Services

Gives Pee on Body/Mouth       Receives  Pee on Body only

Receives Anal Fingering           Receives Foot Worship   


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    Online bookings are accepted only during the next 24 hours and starting at least 2 hours from now.

    For all other bookings please call us at 087-149-1996


    Flight Arr.

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    1. Mr. J

      Management: This was a 4 lady booking done by his friend as a surprise to Mr. M.

      Feedback from Mr. M

      Best experience in his life, now he has nothing to look forward to in life, the girls were professional they exactly knew what to do, and said he very happy it didn’t end with awkward discussion about how much he should pay in Tip to them, none asked they had all behaved as professional all the way !

      Thanks, i will use this service another time again !

      “Wish it was me ” – Mr. J

    2. Richard

      Had a great session with Gwen and Amber. Very professional and friendly; definitely made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the first minutes. (I will add that the facilities are very clean and well-maintained.) Photos are accurate, and she looks just as beautiful in person (although she said she was jealous of my nose; can’t figure that one.) Gives out a positive and energetic vibe, and what a wonderful massage! Definitely was a lot of fun. Will do it again next time in Pattaya!

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