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    Why are some ladies listed as legend, this is not a title they, nor we, have gifted them but one that their clients over a period of time have attached to them in their reviews. These are ladies who have decided to deliver the service that their clients require and some without restriction. Hence you will see in their profiles “Gives and Receives all Services”.  Indeed, most go beyond that in meeting your fantasies and desires, you have but to book and try and will not hear the word “cannot”  throughout.

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    1. Gary

      dear cake, i was very happy to spend time with you, you gave me everything i needed, and more, you are a very good honest lady, you are a very beautiful, sexy, erotic sweetheart, i enjoyed every minute worshipping you, kissing and licking you everywhere, was easy to do, younmade me feel comfortable and relaxed, i loved massaging your feet, you made my dream come true, if we have another session again, i love to have, please make me do things, i never have done before, except pain, take my hand, and say let’s go, look into my eyes, smile, you will enjoy and needed, please make me so week in your company, that i can’t resist you, except pain and scat, i love to experience you, in a very extreme teasing. sexy erotic show, make feel very helpless, i love this feeling!

    2. gary

      about devils den, i used them 2 times, for me, the girls are where beautiful, some have different taste, for david, talking to him the first time, i wasn’t sure, explaining what i was looking for, it was very easy after 5 minutes, he was there, to help me, he recommended the girl, she was one of the best for treating me, and her service was more than i expected, the second time, he answered all my emails, what else can you ask for, he wrote, not to worry, the girls are similar, in treating me, both times they exceeded my expectation, if you are not sure what you need, don’t hesitate, talk to him, you find it very easy after a few minutes, i used different escorts before, not anymore, the girls are pretty, know how to please you, friendly david to help you, forever yours, you can find prettier, but the service won’t as good, like i said, they are very beautiful with great bodys and very pleasing gary

    3. Brian Gerrard

      Have lived in Pattaya over 10 years, have had the pleasure of many of the great imps from Devils Den.

      Had a overnight booking with Cake.

      Cake has not only a perfect body, she also has a good heart. Takes care of her customer. Cake made this time a warm and an unforgettable moment. I would like say thank you, Cake my rating 10 ++++++++++++

      English Intermediate : Cake can uses Google Translator which is a great plus for her.

    4. gary

      i just spend my 2. date with cake, if my first was great, the second time with her, more than enjoyable, sweet honest cake, let me enjoy with her new games, one of my best experiences with a beautiful thai lady, thank you cake, i am looking forward, to play new games with you, you are fantastic inside and outside the bedroom, just my body a little sore, but well worth it, old age, is ok with her, thank you so much cake

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