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A true 'sleeper' do not let her shy look and small but powerful frame catch you off guard. Full on enjoyment and satisfaction at its very best. Holly really knows how to make everything in the bedroom into a full blown event, she has power and endless energy

English: Intermediate

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  • Holly Holly Holly...
    When I remember her, I remember in the same time the song...'Oh! Carol, I am but a fool
    Darling, I love you, though you treat me cruel...'
    She is AMAZING! Very sensitive lady but, also down on the Earth! I can stay with her years and I will not be bored. You have to discuss about everything before going to bed, otherwise you will not have power to do it and her image will block your mind.
    Super lady!
    Exceptional skills!
    One of best take care of my life!
    I was very sorry I did not book her for a long time (just overnight).
    I hope to see her again next month!!! One of my favorite in DD.
    Many thanks to DD managers. Very friendly and very professional. I trusted in you guys and my vacation was a piece of heaven!

  • this lady is a bombshell and has many skills and a very unique ability to please which i was fortunate enough to expierence WOw !! what can i say Holly you are amazing smart and has good skill of english i am still gobsmacked she is everybit a pocket rocket and more!! xxx

  • My husband has made me the present.
    I have spent 60 minutes with Holly. It was my first real experience with a girl. Holly is a very beautiful, sexy, gentle, cheerful woman. My English is realy bad but it was not a problem. I just trusted to this amazing girl. She knows exactly what to do. It seemed that she knows my body better than me. We together have chosen sex toys.
    My first orgasm has came very soon.
    My second orgasm I have gotten by anal stimulation.
    It was great, my most powerful orgasm!
    Holly have made me feel like a beautiful and desirable woman. She has told me compliments about my body. She was with me at all the time in contact. An the end she has made nice massage. I really wanted to stay with her in bed, hug her and sleep! I was devastated and happy.
    At the end Holly took my hand and gave me to my husband. But at least 2 hours I thought only about her. I'll never forget her. I couldn't meet her again, because she was busy. I hope I'll see her someday again.
    I have had two more beautiful Devils Den girls, but Holly has the most beautiful body and face. She is the best!

  • Holly is a sweet and lovely lady in every way. Had a hot duo with her friend in DD.

  • 30/10/17

    Lady Holly.

    Horny sexy Devil!!!! Energizer!!! Full of actions, tricks and jokes. If You are tired, she will bring You up, if You are upset, You will Laugh. Very friendly, polite and always near You. Controlling You every step, non-stop energy and ideas. Very slime, pretty tits, shining smile, dancing and joking. HOLLY MAKES HOLIDAY! That is the motto. Only one word – SWEET LOVE.

    “Sweet Love, I want your pussy can I be your man?
    Strip to the bare essentials, let me fuck you if I can
    Sweet Love, from your nipples to your pussy nub"
    Sweet Love, love is Love, love is love Love….»

    Scores and final statistics:
    Lady Holly.
    First Impression: 5+
    Oral sex: 5+
    Normal sex: 5++
    Massage: 5
    English level: Experience, very professional.
    Organization of Devil’s Den Club: 5.

    Yours truly, Sonny Crockett.

    Sonny Crockett
  • Have lived in Pattaya over 10 years now, have been with many of the great lady's from DD.

    Had an overnight booking with Holly

    Great lady all ways happy and smiling

    Has a great attitude, which is great plus for me

    Her skills are some of the best, Holly a perfectionist at what she does, 10+

    Brian Gerrard
  • An Angel. Genuine, sweet, sexy, and beautiful. Picked Bee (not sure whether I got the name right; a newbie with limited English) and Holly for an in-call session - Nov 29, '14. Holly communicates well in English. Looks better than her pictures and opened up as the session went on.
    About DD - a very well run establishment, exceeded my expectations. David the manager was all information, no pressure of any sort. While I was tired from partying the days before and went only to check out place; could not resist when I saw the girls lined up. The room next building was neat, with mirrors all around. The drink I had was reasonably priced. Payment was handled professionally. The girls seemed to express genuine thanks for the small tips I gave them. Believe I met the owner on my way out. From my little experience - would term DD, Angel's Haven.

  • Wow - I have no words. Finally I found girl with big G. Holly is really sweet heart. 90 min is not enough. I want more drugs name Holly...

    (Why I cannot give 11 stars rate??? :D )

  • Saw Holly for 3 days in Bangkok and had a great time. Holly is one of the regular ladies I see and will keep on seeing because she is so much fun to be with. I also had another lady from the Den for the 3 days, one very beautiful but one not good with English. Holly made it work, was great in making her a part of all our activities, so speech was not a problem. Holly's English more than acceptable.

  • Saw Holly again in house-what a lady. She is truly an IMP, and I love it

  • Spent another in house session with the lovely lady Holly, one of the regulars I see. I cannot say enough good things about Holly. Seeing her so many times makes it so nice-she knows what I like and I know what she likes. We both finish the sessions, happy and exhausted.

  • Holly is gorgeous such a hottie seen her a few times and will be seeing her again that's for sure

  • It took me awhile before I got to see Holly for the first time, now I just keep on seeing her, worth every second with her. She is a great looker and non stop in bed. You want, you get, and top quality. She will continue to be a regular for me. Lucky for me I live in Pattaya and the DD

  • Had Sandra and Holly today for 90 min in call. Both girls amazing, what gorgeous bodies and skills they have. Highly recommended, I wii be back.

  • The pics lie. Holly is actually more beautiful in reality. You just want to put her in your pocket and take her wtih you everywhere. Nice face, nice body, great sex. And she has a lot of humour as well and smiles most of the time.

  • Was with Holly for overnight went to walking st and had a blast with her I wish I would have taken her sooner. Her and Maggie are so much fun to be with.. I will see her again when I come in Oct if she is not busy..

  • Had in house session with Holly and as usual I had a fantastic time with her. She is very funny and very affectionate, and at the same time a "naughty" girl. I enjoyed this session as I have enjoyed many past sessions with Holly. Will keep on seeing her and if your smart, fight me for time with her.

  • Had an incall with Holly and Suzie, as only 5 girls available at the time and I liked Holly so let her choose. Bundle of fun and even though I had never taken her before I had me her a few years earlier at an LK Metro street party and she remembered me. I am defo gonna take her up on her suggestion of an all dayer :)

  • Had an in house session with Holly and Luck. It had been a depressing bad month for me, in the dumps and needed an uplifting time. Holly is a very cheerful lady, among her many other wonderful talents. The 2 were just what the doctor ordered for I had a great time and walking out of the Den with a big smile and my problems turned into memories I will forget. Thanks Holly for a great uplifting time.

  • WOW.....What can I say...I was reading the reviews and was like, she can't be that good.......SHE IS THAT GOOD!!!!! 90 minutes definitely wasn't enough time. The next time (definitely a next time) I will have here the whole day. Personality is great and never any awkward moments. True Professional

  • Saw Holly but had to wait 2 days, but I am very lucky I got to see her on her last day before her vacation. I did not expect my 2nd session with her could be better than the 1st. Oh did I get that wrong. Holly remembered what turned me on and boy, did she. This time with her was even better than the 1st. It has been a long time since I was a young stallion, but boy she got me to do more this night than I have in a long time. Holly have a great vacation while I regain my energy.

  • Holly is one hot, hot and burning hot lady, but has also a gentle warmth that she brings to the table. I really love when a lady is almost always in some kind of physical contact-that's Holly to a T. She did everthing PERFECT. Some ladies are vg at some things, Holly is great at everything. Loved the feeling of her legs softly against my head while she rubbed my head with her hands. I will she her many times in the future, a perk of living near DD

  • Spent two heavenly hours with a couple of angels. Thanks so much Holly and Penny for your warmth, kindness and skills. If I had to pay what you're really worth, I couldn't have afforded it. You made my fantasies real.

  • perfect body, perfect face, perfect attitude and great stamina. Holly is guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Wow and Wow again, fantastic body even better attitude

  • Holly is a very beautiful lady and very talented. She speaks english well enough to have a good conversation which we did. Then the fireworks started. She is very willing to make you happy and she did. She does not give up and will keep trying until she knows you are satisfied. I hope to see her again before I leave.

  • Holly is definitely the most beautiful imp. Incredibly sexy and imgainative. I've booked her many times and she is perfect every time. She's also a lovely, funny girl

  • I do not know why this girl is not more raved about in reviews. This is one tight bodied, service orientated, genuine bi-girls in the Den.

    She staggers me every-time, power to spare and a terrific attitude. Fantastic Fcuk

  • What can we say about little Holly? We love this girl! Not only is she a great laugh and a very sweet girl, she is also fantastic at her job ;) she was one of two girls that my husband & I requested for our first FFFM foursome and we couldn't have chosen better. Although a bit shy at first, she soon came out of her shell & made me 'cum' out of mine too. She takes the lead & does it well. Teamed with Sandra or Nancy, she's mindblowing! Lots of love Holly. See you next year xxx

    Tattoo Man & Big Bum Girl
  • Another long overdue encounter and she certainly made the wait worth while.

  • Holly is great! Great stamina and imagination. A really lovely girl who is up for anything you want.

  • I was with Holly and Jenna, both are beautiful, have a great outlook and made sure I had the time of my life. These girls are the stuff dreams are made of.

  • Without a doubt the most beautiful, sexiest girl at the Den. Incredible stamina and skill. Just a great girl to spend time with. You really have to try her to fully understand.

  • With so may amazing imps, it's not easy for one to stand out. But Holly does! It's not just her amazing smile and beautiful face. It's the fact she is completely genuine, unbelievably funny with a huge heart. She never tires and as ready to go again with a smile as soon as she senses you're ready again. And the soapy massage she gives will leave you speechless. From the dozens of overnights I've had at the Den, Holly is the girl who is always on my booking list. Beautiful, kind, genuine, tireless, funny and very very skilled. Holly is the poster girl for the Den. 8 hours of non-stop GFE action. Thank you Holly!

  • Holly is my favourite IMP at the DD. I have taken her every time I go to the DD since our first time together. She has the greatest tight little body and the most stunning beautiful face with eyes that I just can't stop gazzing into while fucking her. A very sweet hearted girl that knows just what you need. Holly will forever be not only my favourite girl at the DD but has to be my favourite girl in all of south east asia.

  • Why doesn't this girl have more reviews? She's amazing! Incrediby beautiful-does everything you want and more and is great company. She's not shy but she doesn't indulge in needless, non-stop blah-blah!

  • My 1st visit to Devil's Den today, chose Holly from what I read on her reviews and let her choose Wan. What a hot little lady Holly is, I could eat her forever, I was so impressed with this afternoons performance i've got the same 2 booked to come to my hotel tonight :)

  • Party is a lot of party in bed. THis tiny package is a sexual dynamo very very good in bed.

  • She told me she was not one of the most popular girls, heavens above, this girl is toned and as hot as they come. Fantastic body, brilliant attitude and totally service orientated. Whenever I flagged she would give me that smile and supply the energy for us both. Thanks girl

  • This girl is incredibly beautiful-I couldn't take my eyes off her face! Great toned body and a great attitude and personality to match. Took her overnight with Ning and they were perfect together.

  • Party is my absolute favorite. Real GFE and very service oriented. The alias says it all, "party". Greetings from Dino.

  • Party is a very cute girl and has nice features. She's not as wild as some of the other girls but is very thorough. Great GFE experience if that's what you're looking for.

  • Went with my filipina wife last week and we chose Party and Boo.Fantastic!! Amazing!! Really lost for words on how good this 90 mins was.After our disaster at sabaidee body massage 3 days before we needed our last night to be special.And it certainly was.Both girls so happy to please.Watching my wife kissing these two girls is something that will stay with me forever

    William and gloria
  • Party, party, party and how, she is without doubt the best of the bunch. terrific hard bodied girl with a willingness to go wherever you need her to. She truly is a one off, the absolutely best sex I have ever had, the most delightfully bad girl I have ever been with. i just wanted to wrap her up and take her with me.

  • Take her, just take my word for it and grab this one out of the line up. it does not matter who you put her with, she is the fucking business, worth every penny I spent there

  • Party--or Pa as she is known--just rocked my world 2 times. She was on vacation my last trip otherwise I would have had her every session. She is perfection. Enough said. (if i could take an imp home with me forever, it would be her!)



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