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A delightful lady who has quickly become a favorite with our clients. She always satisfies and has an imaginative streak which may catch you by surprise. She is equally adept, and sincerely genuine either in a short in-house session, or as a girlfriend for a day or longer. Now even more refined and stunning.

English: Intermediate

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  • Somehow I managed to mix my days up and arrived a day early. David ensured I got my requested pair Cory and Wan. Cory was fabulous and made an old man very happy. I hope to make it there again before I leave it is always great

  • After our foursome the previous night I arranged for Cory to join me for a quick 1-1 hour in my Hotel room the following day. She came in, showered and jumped on me. What an hour!
    Thank you Cory xxx

  • Cory and Nat joined us for a dinner date in Feb. Great fun was had with both girls happy to interchange effortlessly with us. Cory is great fun and has a very genuine attitude. She’s also extremely sexy and has a great body.
    A memorable time was had by both of us.
    Until next time xx

    Sam & Jess
  • Cory I’m in love with u

  • What a deilghtfull lady. I had the pleasure of meeting Cory two times last week, On Saturday 15-12-2018 for a dinnerdate. And later that week on Tuesday 18-12-2018 and Wednesday 19-12-2018 two whole days.
    I had the time of my holiday.
    A real girlfriend when we where outside the room, and in the room, well ....... I can not tell you. That is for our memories only.
    Thank you Cory for the very good times with you.

    Roelof Heikens
  • Had a 1 hour visit with Cory tonight. She was a delight to talk to, and she definately gets right down to business. Her oral skills are superb! Would definately see again.

  • I had so much boom boom fun with CORY , she's the queen of DEVIL'S DEN , 99% recommended to have sweet boom boom day .

  • I had Cory stay with me all day yesterday and had a great time. She is incredibly beautiful, so much nicer than pictures here (no disrespect to photographer, she is just amazing)
    Without going into detail, I wasn't left disappointed. She was up for anything, many times. Sanuk mak.

    Thanks Cory and devils den. My first day in Thailand was outstanding.

  • 'My wife and I had a really good time with Cory and Dea; they were both natural and down-to-earth, helped us over our initial nervousness and made sure we both had a great time. We would happily book either or both ladies again. Overall the Devils' Den service was extremely professional, and we would thoroughly recommend the experience (to like-minded people).

  • Well i had the pleasure of fay and Cory for an overnight visit last night. All i can say Lady's is OUTSTANDING! I will see you again.

  • I had the pleasure of having Cory for an overnight visit. Sweet, charming and sexy lady who makes you feel totally comfortable immediately. I don’t think my first Devil’s Den experience could have been any better and look forward to a return visit.

    I would recommend Cory no matter what your wants or needs may be. This lovely lady knows how to please and does so with energy and affection. My only regret is not spending more time with her.

    Thanks for your help David. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  • Just had a overnight with Cory. Such a nice girl with a excellent attitude and a perfect body. She realy whants to please you and she knows how to do it. A great GFE. She likes Thai Massage, so if you whant to make her happy, go for a massage with her.
    Thank you Cory, Wish you the best.

  • Cory is always Cory.. if it's 2yrs or 10yrs.. her drive always increase. this was my 5th session with her with bunny.. had a wonderful time.. tired to give a detailed description.

  • Had Cory for 1 hour outcall, she is very friendly and affectionate... she has sense of humor and was sarcastic in a good way :) that added spice to our encounter.

  • Had the best 3 days with Cory. Booked her for a whole day and got addicted to her. The day after she was not free but I could get her the last two days of my vacation.

    Cory wants nothing more than to please you. She is fun to be with, great company and she takes control when we went to a place to eat.

    As I'm writing this she is sleeping besides me (which she loves to do to). I can't take my hands and eyes of her. The best GFE and a great kisser. I'm definitely coming back to Pattaya just for you.

    Your monkey ;)

  • Had a great time with Cory and Vicky. They where both professional and both great at sex.

    Da @ Ken
  • I enjoyed a wonderful time with Cory and Gem on my vacation to Pattaya. Cory seems to be a very hard lady to catch, but I got lucky to get her on my last visit. She was wonderful

  • November 2015, I spent some wonderful time with Cory and Lexi. Both of them worked tirelessly to satisfy my desires, and I had zero complaints. Cory is such a champ, she'll obey just about any request and help you with those hard to satisfy kinks without even needing to be asked twice. I'll be taking her again when next I'm in town!

  • I met cory in november and immediately i heard bang at the heart beginning there was some small misunderstanding but then attending it but then i realized that it is a great girl who deserves much respect you a special thanks to dd and david please published this review thanks to much ALBERTO

  • My first visit to DD today (09.12.2015) and what a great time I had.

    Cory and Barbie were superb: other feedback is true - they are better than the photos suggest!

    Cory has an amazing and natural body; is very easy to be with and calmed my first-visit nerves very quickly. Superb skills that will be remembered for a long time!

    Will be returning next February and will definitely book to see Cory again.

    A fabulous lady with great skills.

    Thanks Dave - I had a great afternoon.

    Vaulter from uK
  • I've been to the DD several times and always go with this amazing lady. Absolute superstar at everything she does, as some other people have said before it would be easy to fall in love with her

  • nov 15, my 1st time & so glad it was Cory, one word-WOW

  • I spent the night with 20 different girls at the DD. Cory is hands down my favorite. There is a reason she is a superstar at DD because she is that special. She definetly looks better than her photos. Cory has a beautiful body, the best of all the girls at the DD. She is sexy, kind, loving, and great at everything. It would be easy to fall in love with her.

  • I make an 1 hour booking for Corey
    in September 2015.
    She do good work, but she is a Little bit quiet.
    Nice girl

    Andi M
  • Had the pleasure of Cory and Vicky for an in-house romp and they both exceeded my wishes. Kudos to both and to David.

  • First day at Thailand with Cory for full day. Her communication skills are good. Nice GFE. Good at her job. Take care of money too when we were out. Thanks David & Cory.

  • This is the best heart girl I ever met in my life.She deserves a better life than this.

  • Cory is beautiful and very nice girl! Realy. She is a lady of my dream! Very nice smile. And she is very good person. I had any time with her. All is super! Wonderful relax! She is the best realy!

  • Corry is the super star of Devils den !
    She is cute, smily and up for anything.

    I was really happy to see her and will definitely try to see her again :)
    Her English is pretty good now.


    Matthew From Paris
  • did a 2 hour session with cory..

    a wonderful girl but takes time to get in to action.. initially shows a lot of attitude and then mellows down later..

    had fun with her .. would surely repeat her in my next trip..

  • Had a full night secession with cory she was the best

  • I have been waiting for one year to see Cory and when I finally met her in person, it was worth it! She has a stunning, hot body, so sexy that you simply cannot stop touching her! She gave me the best blow job I ever had in my life! She also has a very pleasant personality and whatever you fantasize, you can leave it to Cory to realize it! Cory - well done and to all customers of Devils Den Thailand - do yourself a favor - book and tip her - it's worth it! :)

  • Oct 8 -11- 2014:I have just completed three full days of vacation with Cory as my GFE. And I could go on and on about her powerful skills in the bedroom, but her reviews have covered this ground completely. So, I will talk about interesting things about Cory that no none has talked about.

    Cory is the ultimate unofficial tour guide and sightseeing companion. Her English is strong enough to have more than a basic conversation, and she actually reads, writes and understands general English documents, which also makes her the perfect travel companion.

    Cory has great planning skills. Each day she planned our events, budget, and transportation. She conducted all negotiations with taxis, vendors and she ordered for us at restaurants and bars.

    Cory is also very good and honest with money. Usually, I would just give her the money for the event and transportation and she always returned the change. When we went to a Thai massage shop and I had to take off all of my cloth, Cory emptied my pockets and kept it and my jewelry and ID in her purse, so that nothing would be missing.

    During my stay in Thailand I became ill with a mild stomach infection. Cory took care of me like she was my mother. She went to the Pharmacy and purchased Imodium AD, she went out and purchased fresh fruit for me to eat. She made sure that I drank plenty of water to flush my system. Cory really took care of me!

    Last and most important, Cory takes personal and sexual hygiene to a whole new level. This lady is "super-clean! And she always looks smells beautiful from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet.

    I have but one criticism for Cory. She needs to update her wardrobe. Cory loves to dress super sexy. If you don't ask her to dress conservatively, she will show up in the hottest little party dress or Daisy Duke shorts and highest heels that she can find. So, when you book her, you must be specific.

    Finally, Cory is a genuinely nice person. Some people are good at acting nice and kind. Cory is the real deal. This is the reason she is so good at her job. She has a heart which is full passion and compassion. Please treat her well. Be kind and generous towards her and treat her with respect. It is the very least that you can do given all that she will give to you.

  • Had extreme Pleasure with Cory .I had been waiting to meet her from past 1 year . I was taken care by the DD Staff and felt like family. Cory is one lady at the Den you do not want to miss seeing.Amazing oral skills and CIM abilities .She is very friendly and cheeky and Fun loveing Thankyou again .Far beautiful that what she is in the picture here .If you missed Cory in Pattaya .. then you are a losser ! No wonder a few clients what to settle with her . Amazing .. just amazing . Thanx Cory and hope you remember this friend . Take care .

  • I spent 12 hrs. with Cory at night. She is the most beautiful & amazing lady I have ever experienced. A beauty beyond words having innocent face and flawless body. Boobs were natural & too gud to handle. She is perfection!! OMG, what at unbelievable good looking young chick.
    I had lot of Sex fantasies before meeting her & believe it now I am not deprived of any. Ultimately I was FULLY satisfied as much as she.
    Her services & cooperation were breathtaking, great skills, what ever you desire, but her personality was even more beautiful.
    I am not going to miss her during my next visit.
    Best wishes.

  • Had the pleasure of seeing Cory and Cake and all I can say is awesome. No complaints, I will definitely be seeing those two again.

  • had cory for overnight this month (Aug 2014)...
    she is really good...

  • Wow this girls amazing, had such a great time with her. Beautiful body, such a sexy ass.
    She has a great nature and is quite funny which I loved about her.
    I would not hesitate to have her over again in fact she will be top of my list next time I'm in town.

  • cory is just awesome! lovely person, unbelievable service

  • Had Corey and one of her friends for a 2 hour booking. What can I say Corey is simply amazing and kudos to David for organising this, in a nut shell best 2 hours in spend in Pattaya.

  • Had a Full day session with Cory (muay Thai fighter) and an additional overnight Session with Cory & Sandra in July. Cory is simply awesome as a GFE. She has a great body with a sexy ass coupled with her lovely personality - she is a total package. Very nice and friendly girl.

  • Just had a 2-hour Outcall with Cory. Amazing girl with an attitude to match. Pure bliss!! David, you need to have more girls like her.

  • did an over night with cory on my last night in PATT. and i must say it was the best damn decision i made. i would rate this experience on the top 3 out of the 9 years i been going there. . HELL YEAH!

    btw. david the manager did a GREAT job at helping me out finding what i wanted.. top experience all around!

    Paul G.
  • Newbie here...I spent time with Cory and OMG she is incredible. Sexy from head to toe and a smile to go with it. Never in a rush and will satisfy your every need. 2 thumbs up to The Den and if I had more thumbs they would be up too.

    I will be back for more.

  • cory was excellent, thanks for Mr.david

  • As a frequent member is Devil Den I can say Cory is one of the best !! I would marry her if she let me.

  • The hype is true-Cory is fantastic. She works tirelessly to make you happy, she doesn't rush and makes you feel completely at ease. She's beautiful, has a great body and her English is fine. Looking forward to booking her again.

  • Cory Cory ! What can I say. Had a out call with her a day back. And it was just ace ! Very sweet , adaptive . Does her job like a champ!
    Btw kudos DD !

  • Corey is gorgeous and her skills are top . She is just awesome.
    The den has many great girls, she takes the cake.

    Andre Altmaier
  • Cory spent a night with me. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever been with. A beautiful face and flawless perfect body. Add to that a sweetheart to be with she is perfection!! I hope to see her a few more times before I have to leave.

  • i had the pleasure of being with Cory just 2 days back.....I must say i had the best experience of my life with her...she is so beautiful it was hard for me to take my eyes of her....i don know if i will ever see her again....but i will do my best to meet her again....

    to be honest it was not only the sex but the whole experience with her was something special....
    Cory.....u made my trip to pattaya really memorable and you will be in my heart always....
    Love You....

  • I had Cory at August suites. All I can say is, DD photographer is not good since she is pretty and good shape. I was very tired because of party but still Cory made me cum two times. She is friendly and active. You can choose Cory without second thought. If you are an anal lover then CORY is the best choice.

  • The first time in the Den was with Cory. Wow what a body and very good oral skills. She let me come 3 times. Never did it before in 1,5 hour.
    Next time I visit Pat's I go for her again.
    The pictures on the site are not like she is. She is more beautiful and slim.
    A nice ass and a lovely smile......

  • spend a full day with this sexy girl... wow no words explain.. she never giva break for me.. her all tree hole make me king of the world..

  • Aussie made comment and he is correct 100%. These are horrible pictures of Cory. She is beautiful and hot and these photos do not show her either way. I rate Cory 10 and photographer 1

  • Shit but what's wrong with your photographer? She is smoking hot but it does not show that here in her pictures.

    She is also smoking hot in her service. You have to love this girl , christ I even thought about sponsoring her 555

  • Banging hot whilst still being a sweetheart. Her and allysa made my year. I'll be back

  • Cory is beautiful beyond words. She would do well in any beauty contest, and would win many a judge over with her big smile and wonderful personality. Great in pleasing a man and a vg instructor for the new lady that was with us. I could not keep my eyes and hands off Cory-Wow-a must for those who love a beautiful lady. A dream come true.

  • the best :)

  • Nice good heart lady who takes good care of customer. She looks nicer than picture. Thumbs up!

  • Had a fantastic afternoon with Cory and her friend, will def go back next time im in Patts!

  • A very beautiful and sexy body with like a angle love her


  • August 2011 spent the afternoon with Corey and Sarah. One word ; Fantastic.



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