Frequently Asked Questions

We do not condone nor do we offer any sexual intercourse services that are unprotected. If you request this from our escorts not only will they leave immediately, but also you will be banned from using our services again.

Very much so. The original parent club of the Devil’s Den started as a safe place for couples to fulfill their fantasies involving additional partners. Couples, swingers and single women still represent a significant and valued part of our clientele.

Our escorts take the same precautions that any health professional who comes into frequent physical contact with other individuals, would take. All Devil’s Den Lady Escorts are tested for STD’s and HIV at a fully licensed medical facility and their certificates displayed in their profiles.

In our opinion, no. There is little hunger in Thailand and benefit with a good government funded medical system. Simple work is easy to come by and food costs are relatively low. Few Lady Escorts are ever under any form of pressure when it comes to adult entertainment in Thailand. This is simply one of the better paying options out there of many that are available. Our staff genuinely enjoys their vocation and their reviews reflect an enthusiasm that cannot be faked.

Most ladies who choose to be escorts do this for a few years, and then use their savings to start a small business/enterprise of their own.

We can accept credit cards paid to our PayPal Account.

You must be 18 years of age to enjoy escorts from the Devil’s Den Lady Escorts.

We welcome well mannered, educated gentlemen/ladies/couples of all races, colors and creeds. Anyone who treats our ladies with courtesy and respect is welcome to use our services. Anyone who behaves otherwise will be refused service, regardless of where they are from.

Unfortunately not. The laws in Thailand are quite inflexible on this subject. In the past, clients have created difficult situations by using our escort’s pictures on the Internet.

Unfortunately not. Our price reflects the cost of the additional measures and regular tests we take to insure the health of our ladies and therefore your safety, as well as the significantly greater skill and professionalism they show versus their local colleagues.