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One look at this Lady in the just right, just ripe flesh and you may be thinking thoughts of love to go along with all your other lusty imaginations as this is one gorgeous doll with the uncommonly sensual scent of Class. Kayla definitely gives off a vibe that is all proper Lady but get her alone, or with a sexy friend, and you'll find out that this is one nasty little vixen with an appetite that might make a pornstar blush. What a combination of sugar and spice with everything nice and naughty. Feel the Heat!

English: Basic

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  • wanted to try Nuru massage for awhile so i went to the den, after a few min chatting with David he lined the ladies for me to pick from, and this gorgeous lady was in the line, and lets just say ... i regret not not going to the den earlier and not meeting her earlier than my last day in Pattaya...what a last memory to spend the last hours in Pattaya with this angel. definitely going back again in the very near future.

  • KAYLA Kayla kayla
    She is the the true meaning of GFE, it seeems to be her natural self.
    This lady shills are way above average even for DD . David warned me about her being addictive. 2 days with her was great. I highiy recomened Kayla , if you like small curvy ladies with skills . KAYLA Kayla kayla......

  • Kayla very good i like her i want see her again

  • After an session of 1 hour straight, my little friend got sore as did Kayla. Than i took my business in my own hands while caressing her beautiful body. That did it for me. She's got the smoothest skin. Loved the feel of it. Great Women all in all.

  • Absolutely loved my time with Kayla, real beauty as well as fabulous kisses! would love to meet her again!

  • Just had a overnight and all day with kayla and she was amazing as soon as she got here we took care of business straight away, after relaxing a little bit i started to feel sick and she went to the pharmacy to get medicine for me and took great care of me. The next day she continued to take care of me in every way and was a lot of fun and always up for everything.


    Booked Kayla for a Nuru massage on my last night in Pattaya - what a fantastic way to end my holiday!!
    She is absolutely gorgeous - beautiful, cute and full of energy.
    A lovely personality, chatty, funny and very easy going.
    The massage was absolutely brilliant - the combination of the room which looked like an actual massage parlour but covered in mirrors with the music and the amazing skills of this girl made this an unforgettable experience.
    Love you Kayla, love you Kayla , love you Kayla!!

    Steve, UK
  • Booked Kayla in Oct 16 together with other lady. She is an outstanding lady. After she left I tried to find something that was not good or at least under outstanding but I could not. Funny all time and ready to pleaae or play or speak or whatever you want. Very good soul and and her touch will send you up and up and up... From my point of you, she is the best. Thank you K and DD for such a great time.


    I had a fantastic nuru experience with her.. I was thinking y didn't I book her on my earlier visits to dd.. beautiful and tiny body..

  • She is cute...better directly than the pic she is good at what she is doing. Very good BBBJ.. there are enough reviews on her. So don't want to go in detail. I will agree to all the +ve comments.

  • She is absolutely amazing. Down to earth personality.

  • Excellent oral skills had her many times

  • My biggest regret was only seeing Kayla for a 3 hour booking this lady is beautiful, sexy and so much fun always smiling and very good at making you happy will be seeing her again in April for sure.

  • I spent the night with 20 different girls at the DD. Night 8 was with Kayla. Although Cory is my favorite Karla is a very close second. Beautiful, fun, funny, charming, and everything you could ask for. I loved my time with Kayla.

  • Spent many days with Kayla (with her friend Lexi tagging along for a few). What can I say? Gorgeous girl. Awesome skills . You will not regret a minute with her. I am just sorry I had to cut my time short with her. I won't go into details about Kayla's abilities as so much has already been accurately said here. Thank you also to Eddy and David. Great guys who bend over backwards to make the experience all the better.

  • Wow....what can i say about Kayla.....superb oral skills.....and a great small body.....very funny and just nice to hang out with and chill.....i recommend her

  • 3 days with Kayla was very good experience. Good at her job. When out with her she take care of my money too. Thanks David & Kayla.

  • First day in thailand, I took kayla. I still cant believe how 1 person can be so amazing. She has so much energy and she always smile. She will not stop untill you are completely satisfied. After 3 years and many girls, she is still my number 1 by far.

  • I have been a regular at Devils Den since the past 8 years. Even before it became Devils Den, and can say that I have seen almost all the girls who have worked here. So wanted to put a rating for Kayla here. Of all the girls wjho ever was here, Kayla will be in the Top 4 overall. To rate her oral skills..definitely the number 1.
    I just had 3 night straight bookings with her. Funny, friendly, talkative (her english is decent enough to communiocate). Great service with a smile. Book her long time and you wont regret it...and do treat her well, she will definitely reciporcate.

    Dr Neel
  • very kind, gentle and expert

  • Had one of the best blow job I've ever had in my life and I felt like I was in heaven. She sucked me off for 3 hours straight without a doubt. Booked Kayla for an all nighter and will never forget this experience. Would recommend her to anyone who wish to experience the same. Great girl will book again.

  • Had Kayla with Baye for an all-nighter.
    Kayla is very experienced and a deep understanding of the male psyche. I have an issue taking too much time to cum ... and this made Kayla and Baye work extra hard. It was Kayla's patience and gentle easing of my nerves that helped me finally cum inside Baye. Kayla ... it is not often that we have a night partner born on the same date. Lets spend the next all nighter alone - so that we can get more into the groove. Thank you for your patience.

  • I just had a 90 min session with this amazing girl. Great service and outstanding attitude. She really made me feel great. Awesome little lady I will go with her again as soon a possible.

  • .wow Kayla is back...I have her last Year ...
    I chose "dao" oder so ... sry for that and she chose Kayla.

    Wow unforgettable...she save my life.. I
    Kayla is a little bit "devot" and "Dao" was a little bit "Dominant"
    we have a geat party (Dao has comand i an Kayla was serve ;)
    Hope when i come back .. april 2015 . Kayla is still there...
    Like her ... very cute and very sweet ... :)

  • i think i love her

  • Saw Kayla for a late afternoon delight. Kayla is one really one hot little imp who makes you sad when your time with her is up. Will see her again in a few days for another fantastic period of unforgettable time with her.

  • Kayla is one hot, hot lady. Wow. She is on the short size, but as they say, good things come in small packages. Kayla makes that old saying 100% correct. She is one of the hottest ladies at the den, so much so that you almost forget how very good looking she is. Great personality, pleasure to be with. Will keep on seeing Kayla

  • Kayla is a small, cute and very funny girl who laughs or smiles every 2 minutes which makes you feel happy and confortable. Her English is ok. She has an enormous energy and performs her 'duties' with great entusiasm. She looks at least as good as in her profile pictures.

  • Kayla and Sandra make a powerful team of small ladies. They get along famously and work amazingly well together. Solo i would probably pick Kayla because i prefer tiny women but if i pick two, these are the best two together.

  • Kayla is a sweet little lady who I would love to see again. I'd taken her and Maggie outcall. Kayla was fantastic, Maggie not so much. Would recommend Kayla if looking an outcall

  • I booked Keyla for a couple of hours and she was
    outstanding very sweet girl eager to please and great company.

  • A sweet, gentle girl with good skills, natural warmth and abundant energy... well worth spending a night or a full day with her.

  • Took Kayla for the first time, 90 minute outcall. WOW. She has got to be the best at a BJ of all the DD ladies, and that is really saying alot. She never stop with her mouth by switching to using her hands for sort of a bit of a rest. She does not miss anything you have between you legs, and she keeps on coming back for more. Unreal pleasure. Her english is more than good enough. She is a small package that is really put together great. Great at 69.



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