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Paula may look innocent & shy at first glance but never judge a book by its cover because when she smiles that wicked little grin of hers you will know for sure that your in for a wild ride.

Be warned once you lock eyes with this naughty vixen you will be under her spell.

English: Basic

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  • 30/10/17


    Sexy, nice, with puffy round ass and incredible smile. All the time Your thoughts were «just baby smile and shine». Very polite, very friendly, gives You home love and emotions. She is a good friend for those who are looking to spend some romantic time, being outside crowdy streets, somewhere on the beach or in the apartment. She is the perfect girlfriend for escort. All the time she will be with You, supporting You, giving 100% of her energy.

    “She gave me sex, gave me gifts
    She gave me head from every baddest bitch
    She make me happy, make me sick
    Cause baby you my drug and I need my fix
    If I ain't have you how would I live
    To get you I'd risk that time in prison
    To get you I'd take risks that'd mean death
    I'm a love you until the end…..»

    That’s just the beginning describing how fantastic she is. She is just a perfect novel to read, looking for every page, returning back and force, then back again. She is smart, she gave You only little, but it’s enough, for more You’ll come back.

    She advised me to take Holly with us. That was a dream team, consisting of Angel and Devil

    Scores and final statistics:
    Lady Paula.
    First Impression: 5+
    Oral sex: 5+
    Normal sex: 5+
    Massage: 5
    English level: Advanced.
    Organization of Devil’s Den Club: 5.

    Sonny Crockett gives MUCH RESPECT TO DEVIL’S DEN CLUB!

    Sonny Crockett
  • Saw her the second night I was in Thailand. Amazing sloppy bj skills, nice tight wet pus that was a delight. Took her doggy after our date

  • Have lived in Pattaya over 10 years now, have been with many of the great lady's from DD.

    Had a overnight booking with Paula.

    Her skills are great for a new Lady, all ways happy and smiling, great attitude which is a great plus from me.

    Would recommend a Overnight with Paula

    Brian Gerrard


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