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Our Bunny is definitely cute as a Bunny but this Bunny would make Playboy proud with her sensual smile, seductive eyes and sexy schoolgirl body. Hugh Hefner's Playmate of the Month springs to mind but behind closed doors this innocent young lady turns into one of Larry Flint's Naughty Hustler Honeys. A dangerous mix of naughty and nice.

English: Basic

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  • Beautiful girl bunny and I like her nuru massage skill .

    Ekant dargan
  • Requested for overnight stay with Bunny and it was awesome and her technique was to good. Will try next time when back to pattaya .

  • Very pleasant and beautiful girl.. and highly active.. beautiful body.. had her with Cory.. made me stoned and drained.. Thank you dear.. in so exhausted to give a detailed description.

  • My first visit to this place was based on reviewed online. I went there after lunch... had about 12 girls to choose from. I selected Lana and asked her to give me few options for the other girl... she did and off the choices, I selected Bunny (coz of the service listed for her) to give a variety.

    I do agree to the review by Dee here.... I'm sure she would have done what he mentioned on his review. A simple gesture with me make be believe Dee's comments was that , I was carrying a shoulder bag with water, space battery for phone etc., From the time I selected her, she did not allow me to carry that bag. She was so simple and helpful. She mentioned she does NURU, I will come again. Bunny did take care of me very well... an absolute GFE.

    Both worked well together, BBBJ or FS or A+ or GFE or some sensual massage or a simple massage... all were awesome in that 90 min. From a few action packed sessions or when I almost slept off in papering... all went to plan and better than I thought. I'm sure was happy when I left the room and I was sure I'm going to make a visit again to this place.

    The room was clean... manager David was very approachable, friendly and to the point. The front desk is very well kept... with a bar for you to relax before you select your girl(s).

    David - you rock too and I liked your approach. I will for sure endorse Dee's comment on David and also on Devil's Den. I will return and I will send all my friends who come here to Pattaya to Devi's Den.

  • I booked her for 90 mins outcall.
    After that 90 mins I totally agree with this long review about her.
    She is really so much carrying and great lady to be with.

  • This is going to be a long one and a honest one. I had booked her for 26th and 27th May and below is my experience

    1. She is more of a best friend to hang around rather than a GF. We walking whole night in the walking street for two nights and she took care of the money and everything. Some clubs were costly and she took me off more there. We danced we partied.

    2. This lady's dance moves gives you an erection. Jokes apart she has some moves trust me! They way she dances and the way she made a non-dancer like me dance... one a buddy friend can do it.

    3. The first day was really awesome. We were heading out from hotel to Walking Street and i was dressing up - I mean who irons your tshirt just becuase your tshirt has crashed in your baggage and you do not look well. She made me open my tshirt and she ironed it. My ex-wife never did it for me.

    4. You do not feel you hired her neither does she makes you feel so. Our smokes were over.. which girl shall buy smokes from her money and share it? While returning from WS to hotel she liked a dress. I wanted to pay for it.. but she refused to take my money... Unbelievable... it was like a was hanging out with a buddy friend.

    5. We went to a disco where we danced like crazy and we both sweating like hell. She pull her little towel wipe the sweat, fans me.. trust me she made other guys there jealous... WOW!!!

    6. Last day i was forced to book her - I got connected. Man - She packed my whole baggage got me ready.. WTF who does that...

    7. On sex - I din't feel like I hired a sex specialist to FUCK. But it was nice, passionate and sexy. She does not do Deepthroat but the second I wanted to try - she willingly agreed... I was so horny that when I was done.. I found I had hurt her and there was little tear drops... But she made me so comfy.. I regret to hurt her.

    8. It was me and my friend who had booked two girls. One bunny another (donot want to name her) . The second one was horrible that we had to send her back. Guess what we three were chilling like hell. My friend din't feel that he din't have a girl beside.. She was making sure even my friend was comfy. Later my friend had pulled a street hooker.. and guess what.. she made my friend shift all his money to my room and made sure to him that he is safe...

    9. She is much much beautiful than what the pics upload in the website. Trust me.

    10. Devil's den has given me a friend and not a sex specialist.

    11. I would be jealous if someone reads my review and hires her.. But I would be happy she gets bookings and she can save money for herself and her family.

    12. A REVIEW FOR DEVIL"S DEN - My friend had hired another girl from DD. But he was pissed off and not satified with her as she was irritating. Next day we had gone and complained (with enough proof) just to make sure we put our words. Guess what the owner gave us a 100% refund. Who the hell does so much professionalism???????

    You guys rock man!!!

    P.S - Whoever feels this review is fake - check my stay in Sun Xclusive for 26th and 27th May and reach me out. My number is easy to find!

    Sometimes people are so much good at heart but circumstances makes them take up jobs.. I wish and pray she gets a good happy life!

    David - This is for you, I had promised Bunny that I shall book the VIP bus and take her... But I had run short of money hence could not do it...Can you please convey my message to her? I am coming again by third week of June... I want her again to spend time with me... And Important - her english is not BASIC she is better than that... So please upgrade it.



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