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The saying that all good things come in small packages stands very true with our delightful Gem. Small, beautiful and well put together this dynamite young lady is what wet dreams are made of.

Sweet by nature she is ever willing to please, be warned though petite she may be but one bite will not be enough. We guarantee you will be rushing to spend more time with this delightful imp who will leave you both exhausted and exhilarated.

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  • Reviews are 100% for this lady. Thank you for a great time.

    Management need to update her photos

    Brian Gerrard
  • Awesome girl, had the best NURU experience ever with her. You would not believe the kind of energy this little lady has. A must try.

  • A sexual force of nature, one powerful girl.

  • I have booked several ladies past and present from DD and had good experiences with all of them so regardless of who you book you will have a good time. However Gem is in a league of her own, she is utterly amazing at what she does and don't be fooled about her size this lady has boundless energy. Fun, intuitive and sexy she will fulfill all your fantasies. She is worthy of her name. So if your having difficulty in choosing then I would recommend Gem.

  • In one word: INCREDIBLE! Gem is a lady with many talents, some of them fantastic... With her, I felt like testing the poetry of having sex! She is eager to please the man, but also having fun and she feeling good as well. I was with other 3 friends, having one night from DD 8 ladies to satisfy our desires. Gem was one of them that pleased all of us, using all her skills; and believe me, she has amazing abilities: underwater blowjob, really loving taking it from the backdoor, sharing it with other ladies .... She was eager to experiment everything, maybe more than other ladies, which is incredible considering that she is quite new at DD. I still dream her! She was so good, that I've decided to be with her till the end of my vacation. In this way, I discovered that Gem is more than a sex machine, she is a complex woman, with feelings, nice, carrying, protective, beautiful on inside as she is on the outside. Little lady but with big heart!!! Thank you, Gem, for the beautiful days spent together. She deserves more than 10...

  • So difficult to start this review because this girl is fantastic. I booked her with other girl. Gem was so cute, good, funny, nice etc. than I was totally satisfied. She is full of energy, good kisser, accepts a multitude of positions (sometimes I beieve she invented some), never stop, pay attention all time about food, drink or other needs. More than that, we were couple of friends and DD ladies and had a party during night. In the morning, instead to sleep she helped with cleanning. Amazing skills. Tiny and beautiful body. We swim together and she was doing the job outside and under water. Super, super super girl. I booked other ladies from DD but never seen someone like her. She is a must if you book a lady from DD.

  • I just completed a 9 day stay in Pattaya. I booked an overnight stay with 5 different DD ladies. To my surprise, Gem gave better service than the more experienced ladies. She is very cute. She has a very pleasing personality. She has great stamina and she has superb skills. This lady is full of passion. She is super friendly and she gives a great massage. She is a really sweet lady who will work hard to give you a memorable vacation and , for this reason, she deserves your generosity.

  • Sept 2016 - Found Gem prettier than her pictures but was most impressed by her lovely nature and, even more-so, her willingness to please. 9/10

  • I had the great pleasure to have a visit from GEM many times in my vacation and all times was an exquisite pleasure.
    many thanks GEM. hope to see you again. 1122

    Fred 1122
  • Reviews are correct 100% gorgeous little Thai lady total satisfaction?

  • Last week I took Gem and Fay. Gem has a perfect little body that will not quit. Very small and petite with an energetic personality. I wish I could rate her higher than a 10. Honestly upwards of 18-19. Thanks Gem and Fay.

    King Cobra
  • Da and I just had Gem and Angie. Wow they where great. My girl can't stop talking about them thanks Ken and Da.

    Ken and Da
  • 12/04/16 I chose Gem and Nina. What a perfect choise. All the ladies are at the moment availabe. But Gem was the first I noticed and I had to get one more. I took her because she is so small. And after she took of her high heels she was more small as I ever
    I prefered to chose only 1 girl but that isn't allowed unfortunatly.
    What a good kisser and so beautifull and perfect girl. Nina was good but Gem was so lovely and perfect. I like to take her home in my suitcae. And never let her go what a kind of a girl she is.
    I hope to see her again. Gem thank you for the great time with you.
    (Yours Tingtong)

  • I spent 2 weeks with Gem and got the real GFE. I even fell in love with her. She is a special woman. Treat her nice. She is a real GEM.

  • Gem is pure diamond, the best I had DD. She is genuinely out to please and absolutely gorgeous, forget her profile pics they do her no justice at all. she is tiny but what there is of her is all perfect

  • If you like them sexy and petite then Gem is perfect. Her pictures just don't do her justice because she looks much better in person. I enjoyed her very much and would love to enjoy her on my next trip to Pattaya! Thanks Gem for making my vacation so memorable. She get a 10 out of 10 from me!

  • Was with Gem end of March 2016. Enjoyed the session with her and Cindy (Gem's choice) a lot. Gem is tiny and weighs 37 kg I loved it but it may not to everyone's taste. For me, Gem was a 10 out of 10. Your mile may vary



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