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Now this exotic beauty has all the right curves in all the right places. Tall and slim with long sexy legs that just don’t quit. Vicky’s sweet like caramel with the complexion to match. After one taste of this caramel confection, you will be instantly addicted and you will never get enough.

English: Basic

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  • Dear dear Vicky,

    Hard not to fall in love. You just can't go wrong with Vicky. Sweet, caring and a dream in bed. The reason to come back! 20/10

  • thank you Vicky,what a wonderful person,sweet,kind,she is the kind of woman one dreams of,but is so hard to find,drinks coffee,in morning and afeternoon with cheesecake,my kind of woman.Not to mention he sensual sexy ways,for me was the perfect partner will be back next year already planning.Thanks David doing a great job Vicky will see you soon and hope no extra 250 steps mour little joke

  • Dear dear Vicky,

    In addition to her extraordinary service, even for DD's high standards, extremely warm hearted, forgiving and sensitive lady. She is the reason to come back! 20/ 10

  • we went to Vicky's in November and she was a dream. for couples an absolute dream. all wishes from the eyes read. anytime again Bussi

    wir waren im November bei vicky und nok sie war ein Traum. für paare ein absoluter Traum . alle wünsche von den augen abgelesen . jederzeit wieder Bussi

    tina und adi
  • excellent sweet and nice girl

  • Had out call with Vicky and pai fantastic time my partner gave Vicky 10 out of 10 for gfe

  • Just had a fantastic out call with Vicky and Nok both top girls and I was 200 % satisfied Best I have had in Pattaya

  • Had Vicky for a 2 hour in-call. Kept me busy for the whole time. Very attractive lady, with a great body, and knows how to make you happy. Will have to take her for a couple of days next time, going by other reports here.
    Thanks David for the recommendation.

  • All day outcall. Vicky is the complete GFE. 20/10. Left me COMPLETELY DRAINED. Wouldn't stop, But quite not the outgoing kind. But if fully loaded, she will see to it that you are withered!

  • Hi,

    Have booked Vicky for 3 days, and believe me shes a gem, Very friendly, caring and yeah she can drive a heavy bike . She showed me pattaya's coral island on bike. Amazing experience with her. Went for couple of adventures together, Gibbon Zip Line, ATV 4 wheeler adventure. She enjoyed every bit of it, Had dinner on pattaya beach. One of the best girl in town to spend time with. Funny , down to earth, very gentle. I am already missing her , would love to see her again.

    Highly recommended 10/10

  • 10. July was my lucky day - my first DD-experience with Pai and Vicky! Hopefully not the last one

  • Vicky are very good . She very kind and very nice to talk to her. Definitely worth it , i will call her next time if I coming to pattaya trip .just regret already late saw this website. Next time might be VIP bus and over night for me . She did a great job today .

  • Had overnight with Vicky ,it was one of the best experiences i have had with an escort. baffling beauty, kind hearted and super kinky in bed, she is a delight to be with. May come to pattaya just to spend time with her !Highly highly recommended, just treat her with respect that she deserves and you will not be disappointed.

  • Just WOW..... Had a threesome with Vicky and eve on April 21-2017.... Gave and received more than what I wanted from Vicky. I chose to go with school girl costumes. Usually in soapy, other massage and incall places the girl remove their costumes and get ready for next round. But Vicky know exactly what we men think, so she let me tease her first. I don't want to reveal things here. Just book and and see yourself in heaven. ...

  • Had a threesome with Vicky and Pai on 08-03-2017 in house at DD. Vicky is slim beautiful lady with long legs. Initially she was a bit shy but once we got in to action, she started to show her great oral skills which nearly made me cum before she realised my signal. These two ladies have amazing skills in the bed and acted like a tag team. We had a great session with oral, vaginal and anal sex as well as some toy play. All in all it was an unforgettable experience where We had multiple orgasms. These two ladies rocked my world during this session Thank you for your great PSE service Vicky. Looking forward for an overnight threesome next time.

  • She is bomb shell.. highly inflamable.. should handle her with care.. other wise u will b out of energy.. Had a great night with her.. she was the only reason I'm back.. she likes Thai food.. that too very spicy..

  • Amazing! Had a full day with Vicky. She is the total package..beautiful, sweet and so sexy.

  • Having great time with her. Vicky is very friendly and fun. Her best services are GFE & PSE. You can ask and she will say "okay". If you are nice, she treats you like her boyfriend as well. She should be a Thai model because I was shy when seeing her beautiful face. Vicky doesnt like to speak a long conversation (because of her english) but she has her own body language. She wont stop until you say "great !". Just one more thing, you should ask her wearing secretary uniform. P/s: Thank you, Vicky & her agency. 19 Feb 2017 from Tan.

    Huynh Quang Tan
  • Yesterday nıght Vıcky come to my hotel room.She ıs very sympatıc and beautıful and very suggar gırl.I shall a great tıme wıth Vıcky.her body ıs very strong and very,very nıce.She is very kındley.Thank you Davıls...I m very happy meet to vıcky.jakuzı had sex 2 hours.I grabbed the body an actual realized with a woman.Especially when I'm in bed late orgasms together that ended up at the same time, we reached the tlu.It's like me so I was her boyfriend or husband kısses from the inside out.fabulous woman. I will never forget you, vicky

    ali aksakal
  • Vicky Absolutely gorgeous girl. Very welcoming and friendly, a fantastic body and loads of fun.

  • I met Vicky again 3 weeks ago. Last time when I saw her was last year in Oct. More beautiful and body more powerful! She improved all skills including English! I like her very much! She is tall in comparison with other ladies, long legs, a super butt, beautiful hands and eyes! I was impressed about her skills last year but this time she was so good than made finish couple of times. I believe because of lips which are very sensitive!!! She can change position without problems, likes to play (especially in and under the water!!!), super naughty, play good with other girls which is fantastic and fanny mak mak. Together with my friends we had 8 girls for party but she was one of the best. Thank you DD and TG (our friend who booked the girls)! I will come back next year and for sure book again Vicky and the girl who did not play with me!!! 555!

  • Meet Vicky on my last Night in Thailand - and what can say: Vicky is THE Reason to come and come back again and again ;-)

    A very nice, sweet and sexy Lady, she give me a very good Feeling of GF Experience and i booked the next Flight just 2 Days after come home, 555. Vicky: hope to see you soon :-X

  • Had an overnight with Vicky and Gik. Mind blown! (Body as well clearly!) Vicky is a dynamo of sexual energy and playfulness! She is just so damn sexy! Although her English isn't high level, she tries hard to please and has an awesome personality. Highly recommended!

  • Very beautiful girl.. highly skilled and a beautiful body.. I had an overnight booking with her but could spend only 3 hrs with her since my flight was delayed.. when I reached at 3:30am she was waiting for me at the reception.. thank you David and Jay for making it possible to meet her.. dd is a highly professional escort club.. I have not seen any clubs at least 20% as committed as Urs any any of the countries I traveled.. once a customer comes they won't be able to leave you.. hope it's better to add more girls since might become difficult to catch up with the bookings.. now a days I visit Thailand exclusively for dd.. ;-)

  • I had an hour and a half with Vicky and Katie. Two tall girls. Very nice time indeed. Best ive had in 4 visits to Pattaya . Vicky is so damn hot . Best threesome i've had. Sweet and great at sex. Cant wait to get back to Patts . Well worth the money . See you soon Vicky

  • I had spend time with many thai girls in the last 2 years including many from DD but for me Vicky stands out among all. The main reason is that she cared me so much and was always smiling and willing to please u always.. One of the most natural GFE i ever had in thailand.. The only negative is that she is very weak in english...

  • Had the pleasure of Vicky and Lana for overnight. Vicky is totaly stunning, great body, legs that go on forever and just beautiful with outstanding service. Should have gone to devil's den earlier in my trip.

  • Had a great time with Cory and Vicky. They where both professional and both great at sex.

    Da @ Ken
  • I booked Vicky for 1 hour in March 2016.
    She is a tall sweet lady with a face you could die for.She smiles all the time and make me feel very well. So I enjoy the time with her.
    I want to book her for overnight but i was to late :-( . Maybe next time.

    Andi M
  • Took Vicky and baye.baye was disappointing but Vicky was great.she gave a gfe.her English not that good but did a great job.

  • Has Vicky and Josie together and they were both great and worked well together. I think just choose your two (or more) girls and the chemistry should be okay. Vicky was very nice with lovely body and very eager to please. She seemed concerned that I was panting at the end and maybe heart attack but rest assured I am fine but in need of some rest after the 2 hour session.

  • I spent the night with 20 different girls from the DD. My second night was with Vicky. Vicky is unusually tall for a Thai and from what I understand this makes her very popular. Vicky was extremely quiet probably because she speaks little English. She seemed nice enough and I think with better communication skills she would have great.

  • Full night with Vicky and Luck was different experience. She is beautiful and nice girl. Had a good time while around Pattaya at night and good in bed too. Next time would like to see her again with another girl. If she improves her English then she will become super star of Devil den.

  • Had a great session with Vicky and Cory. Both worked at giving me great time. Kudos to both. Will definitely drop by again. Also, a big thanks to David.

  • I just had an in call with Vicky and Jane. Vicky is very new and speaks little English. But she is sooo sweet and honestly out of the 20+ girls at DD she is one of the more beautiful. My advice is to take her now because after she learns English she will be booked way in advance

  • I just had an in call with Vicky and Jane. Vicky is very new and speaks little English. But she is sooo sweet and honestly out of the 20+ girls at DD she is one of the more beautiful. My advice is to take her now because after she learns English she will be booked way in advance

  • Viky are very beautiful for the body and the face with black eyes.. Very stronger girl.. Crazy and .... Kiss..kiss



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